Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MACHINE QUILTING - Free Motion Adventures

I have had the benefit of a few weeks off between jobs, and have thrown my shoulder into trying new things and learning about new techniques I can share with all of you.

As I was mounting a lot of smaller projects on my quilt frame to finish, I wanted to try out some odd designs inspired by my two free motion heroines:

Angela Walters:   and
Karen McTavish:

who inspire me with their love of family, quilting, and fitting creativity into their already colorful lives.

This table runner I made with whole cloth center and a cute complimentary border so I could just flex my new ideas onto a negative space.  I'm pretty happy with the outcome, and can't wait to see it this will enhance the stitching in the center panel with shrinkage and puff up the unstitched areas in the feathers and swirls and larger pebbles.  (I use 100% cotton fabrics, and 100% cotton batting so I can achieve the vintage look after the first laundry and experiment with what the shrinkage does to different densities of quilting.)

Yay, mentors.  Yay, free time.  Yay, experiments and the creative process!!