Wednesday, October 16, 2013


For those about to start's my thought for the day:

LOVE QUILTING!!  Don't be intimidated.  Start small.  Just begin your first seam, sew your first block, set your sights on a simple goal, and YOU CAN DO IT!!!  In the tea chapter, I show you how to make little tea mats (or hot pads).  Great first project!!  One thing sends you confidently to the next!

love, Beth

Monday, October 14, 2013

QUILTING BOOK PROMOTION!! Autographed copies for Pre-Order

Well, it's been a work in progress (like all of us and everything I touch!) but October brings the actual physical copies of my first quilting book to life!!

In just over two weeks, they can start to ship, and I'm running a promotion!

FIRST 100 COPIES PRE-ORDERED AT MY ETSY STORE WILL BE AUTOGRAPHED by me on a special page at the end of the book!

I'll have the promotion ready for pre-orders by the end of the week!  Meantime, I am so grateful to my friends and fans for the cyber cheering and enthusiasm.  I posted this today on Facebook.  And I mean it!!

THANK YOU DEVIN AND SOAP OPERA DIGEST for all the attention lately!! My quilting book has GONE TO PRESS!!!! and will have physical copies in hand in just over two weeks. RUNNING A PROMOTION: first 100 copies sold through my etsy store will be AUTOGRAPHED!! Will begin taking pre-orders later this week!
After the roll-out, they will be available online through all major retailers, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc. Will get you more details as they unfold, but thank you all for your support and encouragement.
Lesson: Never to late to see a dream through!!

eBook available now
Check back to pre-order by the end of the week!!
Cheers!  Beth

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The Santa Ana winds are starting to blow, and the leaves from the Sycamores across the street are piling along the fence.  The grape vines are losing the last of their leaves and the pumpkins are on the porch...waiting.

It is the season of change.  For me personally as well.  The studio move is finished, but the job of unpacking has not yet begun, and I can't really picture how or when it will all be ready to start production.  It's a whole new space, and I haven't even had time to lay out what work station goes where!  Usually by this time of year, I'm in full Holiday Manufacture Mode, and there are projects everywhere.  Bits and pieces of quilts, edges of fabrics in hoops waiting for embroidery, and already my gift wrapping central is traditionally stocked and ready for my wrap-as-I-finish method of preparing for a handmade holiday.

This year, things are going to be different.  And I'm learning to be flexible and roll with what happens.  I haven't begun to prepare for Christmas.  I won't be unpacked by then anyway, but I do intend to have my studio working again by the end of October.  That means a different approach to gift making and giving as well.  No long production days, so projects will have to be instant!  Simple, quick, fabulous.  That will have to be the name of the game.

While I brood on it, I will start picking quick projects that can be finished by assembly line, or made with co-ordinating materials.  Moving has also revealed a lot of personal things I'd like to get rid of, so I will be making theme gifts that include treasures I want to pass on, mixed with handmade accessories in theme baskets.  Maybe antique china cups and saucers with table linens that match, or silver cheese spreaders with a new cheese board and personalized napkins and a table topper.  I also want to include some gifts for my family that use Christmas colored fabrics without Christmas motifs so they can use these gifts all year if they wish.  And I want to shoot tutorials on these quick projects for the Dramaqueenbee YouTube Channel also, so we can all share fast and lovely project ideas for the season.

Lots on my plate, but lots to look forward to also.  Please join me in multitasking this fall and we'll make this holiday season memorable and special.  Yes we can!!

The only place I can think of to the first box.  Shall we?