Thursday, November 7, 2013

We have the technology, we can rebuild her...

Getting back to work!  
Well, the move is over, the dust has settled and the unpacking has begun.  On Saturday morning, my intrepid friend Lindsay came over and the two of us, armed with strong coffee, cleared the floor in my new studio space, put down the area rug, and opened the back of the equipment trailer.  A little like Indiana Jones opening an ancient tomb, Lindsay and I ceremonially opened the back door/ramp.  A creak, some rays of light filled with swirling dust mites, and there they were.  My treasures had been gathering dust for a few weeks, calling my name.  I have to admit, my heart beat a little faster.

That trailer had been holding my Husqvarna Viking 10 foot quilting table and mega quilter, my trusty Babylock six needle embroidery machine, my Pfaff construction machine, my Babylock serger, a twenty year old embellishing machine, and an old singer treadle.  Also stored inside were twenty clear storage bins of fabrics, countless boxes of books, supplies, notions, tools, and momentos that inspire and entertain me...fairy dolls, a ceramic dragon, a resin unicorn, antique china teacups to hold bobbins, thimbles, snips and clips.  The tools of my trade were waiting for me.

We started with the big stuff, (that's what I would recommend to others starting a new space) and configured the practical work area.   Bookshelves must be easy to reach, work tables organized against walls, my corner desk laid out.  Then moving from table to machine,  I walked the space to make sure it was laid out conveniently and productively.  Leaving room for storage and supplies, dusting off all the clear bins of fabric and smaller bins of threads, glues, ribbons, buttons, notions, etc. we started placing my supplies. 

Lindsay gave up after several hours, but I was at it till the wee hours, unpacking books and instructionals (even a four language translation dictionary) and touching and placing my 'things'.  It is hard work physically and emotionally to organize a new workshop, but I love the useful and beautiful things I use every day to create.   I've missed having them at my fingertips and knowing I can spend a free hour and put my hands on what I need.  My studio is as important as setting up my bedroom or bathroom, and I am glad it has begun.

It will take me several more weeks (I still have to work most days, and this is a big job), but I got the quilter reattached to its cabling, and computerized Qbot.  I found the parts and the power plugs and I'm almost ready to turn on a machine.  Maybe this weekend...

Meantime, my pre-order promotion winds down as I wait for the box of new books to arrive.  Thank you all for purchasing your copy.   And let's get sewing!!  


  1. A few years ago I slipped on black ice and broke my ankle resulting in being homebound while it healed. After a few months I was able to hobble around the house and I was motivated to reorganize my sewing/quilting/embroidery studio. I have a large room, about 15' x 25', and I began pulling everything out of the room so I could start with a clean slate. I had so much fabric! At the time I stored my fabric in large plastic tubs (50 gallon?) and after I moved the tubs out of my room and into my kitchen, I had a row of seven or eight, three to four high in the middle of the kitchen. I had another row seven or eight, multiple sizes, four or five high along some cabinets in my kitchen. Overload! My poor husband couldn't get to his coffeemaker or the refrigerator because of all the tubs of fabric. I donated a lot of fabric to my mother-in-law who loves to sew and quilt but can't otherwise afford good quality fabric. In the end, I was very happy with my newly organized space and during the process, I found a lot of fabrics and tools I had forgotten I had. Who doesn't love new toys? Have fun unpacking. I'd love to see pictures or your new space.

  2. Great story, Dena, and great way to turn an unfortunate accident into a win! When I moved the first time in 20 plus years (two years ago) I did the same thing...donated tubs of fabric to church sewers for charity quilts, school classrooms for children's craft projects, etc. But there was so much I couldn't let go of! I did a short organizing video on my YouTube channel if you're interested. More to come this week, in fact. Thanks for posting!!!