Monday, November 18, 2013


As I get things unpacked in my new space, and get my shelves and sewing stations set up, the age-old problem of storage comes up.  I have a few rules that take awhile to set up, but have made my daily projects so much faster and easier!!

I use boxes for everything!  Pretty hat boxes stack on top of bookshelves and file cabinets, and look fantastic in my bright and busy room, but they MUST have labels so you can put your hands on what you need later on.   They're the best for odd shaped items, and things you don't need very often.

I use a Brother Tape Labeler for almost everything, since it's fast and durable and uniform.

For the rest of the supplies that I use more often, I use clear boxes, also labelled but stackable so I can see what I need especially colors or types.

My fabric goes in large clear tubs I buy at Costco, and I sort and group the fabrics by color range (neutrals, pastels) or type (Batiks, Vintage/Flour Sack).  They stack perfectly on the shelf of my 10 foot quilt frame with room for a row on the floor as well.  Fabrics I use less often (velvets, upholstery weights) I keep in labeled large plastic tubs in the garage.  They are in a couple of stacks where I can get to them easily and where the detailed label puts my hand on what I need fast.

I label even what I can see, so I can find the right item at a glance.

More ideas for setting up your studio space coming in the next weeks.  Next subject:  lighting and ventilation!!  See you back here soon!

hugs, Beth

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