Friday, July 11, 2014

Everyone's a Critic

I have three indoor cats.  They run the place.  My sewing space is no exception. 

It would be fine if they were a little more supportive of my hard work and creative projects but...

It always feels like a set or two of judgmental eyes are peeking out from under furniture or from around corners.  Every once in awhile, they are not so subtle in their unspoken comments:

Hey Raja, what do you think of this new free motion design I'm perfecting?

Abu, could you let me have those table runners?  I need to bind them.  Abu...Abu...

Raja, I've been packing up some scraps and UFO's.  Have you seen them?  Anywhere?  

Hadji, let me show you the quilt top.  It only took me six days of piecing to finish the blocks and sashing.  You're gonna love it...

Do you have any little 'helpers' in your work space?  I hope they are a little more supportive than mine are.  And that they are not lying around thinking of ways to get into trouble...

Thanks for the entertainment and the company, Hadji, Raja and Abu!!  Now hand me the lint roller...

Happy Quilting.  :)


  1. Thanks! And very helpful too. Ha. Your profile pic is adorable! Beth

  2. Gorgeous cats? What kind are they?

  3. These are Bengal cats. Two are rescued brothers. Independent but interested in everything. Affectionate on their terms but not lap cats. Funny and beautiful. And excellent quilters. 😊