Tuesday, March 18, 2014


To honor National Craft Month, and my newly adopted Friesian mare, ZaZou, who has me wearing boots almost every day, this month's tutorial has little to do with quilting!

Saw these walking down the street, and came home and whipped some up.  (My daughter is into country line dancing at college, so this will be a fun Easter present when she comes home for Spring Break)

You need:

knee socks that pull up a little taller than your cowboy boots
scraps of ribbon, novelty yarn, lace, rayon seam binding, and other      fluttery things...
sparkly buttons, or bits of broken jewelry
a needle and matching thread (button hole twist works well)

Pick out two sets of items to sew at the back center of each of your socks.

Sew the lace, ribbon, etc together firmly.  Add the buttons, also sewn firmly on top.  Then attach to your sock with button hole thread if you have it, or doubled thread if you don't.

Scoot a boot!  You've got little streamers following you that will stop traffic...and hopefully a stampede.

Happy National Craft Month!!  MAKE SOMETHING!!!  xo

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