Monday, January 27, 2014

Tristan Quilt Part 2 - Top, Trim, Press

Tristan Quilt Part 2

Had just a little time over the weekend to finish the quilt top, so I wanted to post the pics. 

First I finished the piecing (which by the way is not exactly improvisational like modern quilters do it, but is indeed by the seat of my pants with a plan) and then pressed all seams.  The great thing about staggering the charm square rows is that I didn't have to devote a lot of time to 'nesting' the seams as each row was added.  More on that in a later project.

Then I squared up the edges, just a rough squaring, as the body of the quilt will change again when we do the free motion quilting.  Because I staggered the squares, there were some bits to trim off before I mount it on the quilting frame.

I pressed the seams alternately in and out to avoid bulk when we get to the quilting.

Then I laid it out so you can see the whole thing.  There is a turquoise panel toward the lower edge (on the left just above the purple dot strip) that I will be using to machine embroider Tristan's name and birthdate next.  Then I'll mount the quilt top on frame and try some new designs in my free motion adventures.

I'll be back in a few days with a progress report.  Till then, happy quilting!!!
xo Beth

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