Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Scrappy Strippy Garland!!!

By accident, I was innocently working on another project and the fabric (Hanky Panky for Robert Kaufman Fabrics) was so cute and so cheerful I couldn't throw away the scraps and cuttings.  There was a little pile from squaring up quilt blocks on my cutting mat.

I thought...what can I do with these?

If I add them to some twine, mix up the scraps, add other little strips from other projects and jumble them all up...

This could be so cute I'll need insulin shots!!!  
LOVE MY SCRAPPY GARLAND!!  Now it's time to hang it up over a tea party using the table top quilt and tea mats I made with the rest of the fabric...
Stay tuned for the eBook coming in TWO WEEKS!!!


  1. Now this is a project for a craft challenged person like myself. I think I could pull this one off and it's very cute. I'll use Christmas materials for the holidays. I could also make one to drape on the wall behind my bed using blue and green fabrics. Thanks for the inspiration!

    @JoyceLinnae aka JyLnC

    1. Yay! That's the spirit!!! Glad to hear the feedback, and thrilled you're going to try it. Couldn't be easier. I used little strips about 1/2 " to 1" wide and about 6" to 8" long. Add yarn, ribbon, sparkly cord, thin lace trim...anything to make it fun, texturey, and all YOURS!!! Post pics!! Have fun