Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gratitude and Jeannie Cooper

On Health, Friendship, And Gratitude.

For those of you who are Young and Restless fans, and who check in to my blog because of that, and not so much the textile art, you may have heard that this week, our Grand Dame of Genoa City, Jeanne Cooper was struck seriously ill, and has been in hospital touch and go for many days.  

The outpouring of support from her fans, through social media and the press, is jaw dropping, and although not always appropriate, (things got a little gossipy and competitive) it has confirmed for me the power of Internet tools to touch each other in a way that until recently was impossible.

Thousands of strangers have mobilized their prayers, good wishes, thoughts for healing and recovery, and have posted support, love, cards, pictures collages, greetings, song bytes, and outreach that is utterly amazing to me.  

In the midst of this illness and Jeannie's very slow progress out of Intensive Care, her family surrounded her, tweeting, posting through press contacts and social media sites, keeping us all informed and somehow comforted that the strength of will of one amazing woman, and the love and focus of thousands of those who love her could be experienced moment by moment in real time through the Internet.

I am grateful today for Jeannie's continuing improvements, for my own health, for the nearness of my family and for the contact I too have with all of you through technology and the strange and wonderful world of Daytime.

I am also grateful for you.  Life is short, unpredictable, challenging.  So I'm feeling compelled to tell you thanks.  I'm hoping you'll tell others the things you want them to know.

Hug your children, kiss your dog, ride your horse, splurge a little on a treat for yourself today.  Celebrate the now.  Find the good.  Live like Jeannie Cooper does, putting it out there every day with strength and dignity and all her heart.  Be grateful for every moment.

I am.


  1. Amen, sister! I love how not only Jeanne's fans but her Y&R "family",like you, love her and care about her, more than just as a fellow actor. She is one of a kind and I will continue to pray for the restoration of her health and for happier days ahead.

  2. Y&R: a little show that brings me back to special times with my Grandmother, who was such a HUGE part of my life, my family.

    My heart sunk when I heard the news and I have been praying every since. When I read your update on the face place, tears came to my eyes.

    You all are such a huge part of me and my heart. And the show wouldn't be the same without a HUGE staple like Jeanne.

    I would not be the same without any of you, from a little show called the Young and the Restless.

  3. Thank you Beverly and Noya_Sue for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers for Jeannie. She's posing for pictures today, so I think starting to feel more herself, and get better each day. Her illness was very serious, and we are so grateful that she got immediate and excellent care, and that all of you have been so supportive and "there" for her!! love to you all, Beth

  4. Who knew you were a Quilter oh my goodness I have been watching Y and R since the very beginning and have not missed a show. When I was working I would get home at 4:30 and on it would go before I took my coat off. I would prepare dinner for my family.
    The show in the beginning was on at 12:30 and I would put the baby down for a nap and it was my time. I will spend some time now reading your blog. Please come visit mine when you have a few minutes.

  5. Oops and yes we all miss Catherine. Hugs Bunny