Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Tip #17:  SPREAD KINDNESS!

Last night, after a long two days of my sitcom production job and my three hour commute, I was getting ready to start the drive home and stopped at a Starbucks for coffee to keep me awake.  I was in line but daydreaming about all the work I have to do in the next 24 hours and stepped up to place my order.  The barista smiled and took my name for the cup and walked away.  My money was out, but he didn't tell me my total.  Confused, I waited at the register.  When he returned, I said, "How much is it?" (a little aggravated)  He  replied, "The person in front of you bought your drink.  It's been happening since about ten this morning."  

I handed him some bills and said, "Buy the next guy's and keep the change.  Merry Christmas."

One small, inexpensive gesture changed my whole three hour drive home...and perhaps my week.

Pass it on...

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