Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello InterWeb! Blog, Vlog, YouTube Channel!

The Dramaqueenbee Meets the Internet!

My first blog post is really just an introduction to my other cyber neighborhoods, and a statement of my commitment to enter 2013 making friends with the WorldWideWeb.  

I've started slow, but I'm getting into the swing of it, and I'm trying new ways to reach out!  I have so many projects and ideas I want to share.  So let's get going!!

Check out my website, for photos, bio, resume, contact information and links to appearances and projects here:

Watch my upcoming videos galore on my new YouTube channel here:

Join my fan page on Facebook here:

Check out my various actual quilts, textile creations, vintage fancies, and even my soon to be released quilting and project book at my Etsy store here:

I'm not tweeting yet...but that comes after some video tutorials, a few "haul" vids, and some welcome to my world posts.

For a girl who grew up with a rotary phone you actually had to dial in a circle...and a 32" black and white GE TV, I've come a long way.  Wanna come along?   =)

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